Karaoke pack

Karaoke Plug & Play system with 2 microphones + KSM-10 UFO UFO LED Effect
VAT included
Never Karaoke will have been easier. Simply connect the KSM-10 between your DVD player and your TV, plugged the 2 microphones, connect the KSM-10 sector and that's it. You started singing to the music coming from your DVD player. Your voice and the sound reproduced by the speakers of your TV. The connection cable to the TV is provided. The connecting cable to the DVD player is on sale HERE. Mini UFO Effect included
Pack Karaoke Children Adults complete with LED Light - Amplifier and Speaker 300W 2 + 2 microphones - Length 3M - LTC-BT STAR3D
VAT included
This pack is composed exclusively of quality elements specially designed for Karaoke: Karaoke LTC amp with USB stick port and with 4 mic inputs, two beautiful pregnant equipped with 2 boomers and 1 midrange / tweeter for tat smooth and balanced two wire microphones complete the package for successful evenings. The wiring between the amp and speakers is available.