Electrostimulateur Musculaire,Ceinture Abdominale EMS Homme/Femme Entraînement Bras/Jambes
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Electrostimulation Muscle Belt Abdominal EMS Male / Female Training Arms / Legs

an optimal way to effectively and efficiently support your weight training.

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An optimal way to effectively and efficiently support your weight training. Strengthens your muscles and massages and relaxing comfortably.
By wearing these belts you have flat belly without anyone noticing.
Comfortable to wear, its special material will also eliminate your love handles
Burn fat advanced technology
[advanced EMS technology].. The abdominal muscle stimulator power sends signals directly to muscles through a current stimulation to promote muscle movement without damaging the human body sends signals directly to muscles and promotes muscle movement, eliminating the local fat.
[ abdominal customizable coach]: The stimulator comes with 6 modes of exercise and each mode has 6 levels of intensity. To avoid a sudden stimulus, you can start with a fresh intensity level, and you can choose different modes and strengths depending on your strength training
[Powerful and professional.]: Thanks to technology electrical muscle stimulation, 20 minutes of use per day is equivalent to running 2000M or 60 minutes of sit-ups, 30 minutes of swimming, 2 weeks free regime, which saves your time and energy for weight training.

[Portable and easy to use]: the host is compact and lightweight. The patch is a single sheet in thickness and can be bent at will. Easy to store in your bag or suitcase. Exercise at any time, no matter où.idéal for bodybuilding while reading, watching a movie or doing housework, or even during business or leisure travel.

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Un moyen optimal pour soutenir efficacement et efficacement votre entraînement musculaire.
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