Public Adress mobile MP3 800W + 3 micros PORT15VHF-BT + Câble PC + Effet OVNI RoundMagic + Mini Strobe
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Public Address Mobile MP3 800W + 3 PORT15VHF-BT microphones PC + cable + UFO + Mini Strobe Effect RoundMagic

Speakers PA DJ Karaoke battery 800W with USB / SD and Bluetooth, 2 microphones + Remote + Case + PC cable + mini Strobe offered 26 white LED + RGB UFO LytOr

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VAT included

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In addition to its outstanding sound quality for its category, this portable sound system has important advantages such as autonomy thanks to its included rechargeable battery and dual 220V and 12V power, versatility with its retractable trolley and wheels, freedom movement regardless of use thanks to its 2 VHF wireless microphone (handheld microphone and microphone head) and its remote control, multi source due to its numerous inputs / outputs and USB / SD / MMC-MP3 / iPod and many other advantages to discover. PC cable + Mini UFO + Strobe Effect LED RGB RoundMagic included
RMS / max. 450 / 800W
integrated power amplifier. 100W max MP3-USB / WMA / BLUETOOTH
2 Microphones VHF hand and head (& 197.15MHz 199.6MHz) (certified R & TTE) + wired microphone
1 remote
recording Function REC
voice activation (VOX)
serious & treble controls
volume Controls & ECHO microphone Shopper music volume Control
MIC inputs and LINE MP3 & iPod inputs and integrated
Swinghandle loader and rollers for easy transportation for max power.
800W RMS power 450W Sensitivity 99dB

Bandwidth 35Hz - 20kHz Power
220-240Vcc / 50-60Hz Batterie 12V 7.2Ah (BAT-PORT7.2A)
Dimensions ( HxWxD): 68 x 43 x 36 cm
Weight: 17.5 kg
included PC cable
LytOr Roundmagic UFO
controlled by music
to ask or suspend
Auto mode
supply: 220v
Dimension Ø130x40mm
26 white LEDs flicker setting
Auto mode < br> adjustable flash speed
supply: 220V
Dimension: 85x135x85mm

Data sheet

19.90 kg
Data sheet
Enceinte Sono DJ Karaoké sur batterie de 800W avec USB /SD et Bluetooth, 2 micros + télécommande + Housse + Câble PC offert + mini Strobe 26 LED blanches + Ovni LytOr RVB